Tuesday 25 August 2015

Hollywood Wave Tutorial

This is a really Simple tutorial on how to create red carpet hollywood waves.
Firstly I used a babyliss conical wand and chose the slightly larger barrel as this works better with this look. If your barrel is too small the curls wont have the same loose flow curl that your after.
Taking inch/inch and a half sections starting from the bottom curl the hair from the root to the tip and all in the same direction. If you don't do this in the same direction then it will not work.

Lightly spray the hair as you go but dont do too much as you want the hair to be soft and moveable. 

Once all the hair is curled brush it all out with a fairly loose brush. I used a Detangling brush 

Once all the hair is brushed out give it a bit of a push in the right direction to snake it down but the curl will do the job for you. Spray the hair to help set into place.

For a stronger bend you can use clips and respray leave to set and then remove.

Saturday 15 August 2015

Olaplex in the UK Review

WOOHOO Its finally here ;)

So I have been waiting at least 6 months from when I first heard about Olaplex being in the United States for it to finally make its d├ębut here in the UK so I could purchase it to use on my Clients.

Its a new product which unlike conditioners and condition treatments (which tend to sit on the hair shaft) penetrates into the hair to repair bonds which are broken due to colouring/heat treating abd general wear and tear.

Our hair is made up of bonds which are joined. Through our treatment of our hair our bonds break down to singles. Too many single bonds and the hair will start to break. Olaplex gets into the hair and helps re join some of these bonds to build more strength back into the hair.

Its available as a stand alone treatment but can also be added to all colours and bleaching services to help minimise the damage they do whilst on your hair.

So as soon as I got my invitation to purchase due to the fact I pre registered my interest a very long time ago (I was not missing out on this) of course I picked the phone up and ordered.

Its certainly not the cheapest product but if it does what it claims then I'm not going to argue with that. I used it myself first as of course there is no better test than on your own hair that you know better than anyone's.

Here is a photo of my hair before. I recently had a cut but still have some split ends and have breakage underneath from colouring  and tying my hair back while I work. Obviously it wont magicly get rid of these as the damage has already been done and once it is broken its not coming back. But I can certainly test that it doesn't break any more

So here is my before and after photo of a treatment done on myself.

There is no doubting that the hair looks and feels healthier and stronger.
I put the no.1 on for 5 mins and then the no. 2 for 15 mins and finished off by shampooing with Matrix Biolage strengthening shampoo and then the Joico sun therapy mask.
A quick blow dry using my click 'n' curl brushes and I was done.

My hair has not felt this soft in ages. It feels light weight and full and I am completely converted. I'm in love with Olaplex :D 



Tuesday 9 June 2015

A afternoon with Impact Modelling School

Hello my lovely readers :D
A few weeks ago now I spent the afternoon at the wonderful Impact modelling school where I did hair as part of the angel face hair and make up team for the beautiful models that attended.

The school teaches wannabe Cornish models some of the basics of the profession, for them to get a taste of what the real life of a model is all about.

They learn things about castings, how to pose, run way walking and commercial acting and then in the afternoon get there hair and make up done and take part in a photo shoot for some pictures to put in their portfolio.

I am a part of a team who do hair and make up for events and we were asked to take part in this after our recent involvement in Miss Cornwall. In the past the team has taken part in a number of events including Miss Cornwall, Miss London, London Fashion week and Cat Walks in Soho for Chinese new years.

With Myself and Lisa Vercoe on Hair and Julie Weiczorek and Penny Pascoe on make up we all had a fanatasic afternoon which revealed some great work from the models themselves.

Photography by Emma Griffin http://www.griffin-photography.co.uk/

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Make Up Photoshoot

Saturday finally arrived and all our plans for our model make up shoot finally came together.
With the very talented Kevin Hicks behind the Camera lens and the beautiful Zoe Hill in front of it I think we managed to achieve some great photos.

To achieve the look I started with Mac Pro Long wear foundation to get a good coverage. I also used Mac concealer to hide any blemish's and get rid of darkness under the eyes.

A light dusting of Angel Face Mineral finishing powder to set and seal (this product is great for photography work as unlike many mineral products it reduces shine rather than adding to it)
I started with browns and golds from the smash box pallet Full Exposure

 I used Angel Face White witch on the inner corners of the eye to open and brighten them and I applied cluster lashes to the outer corners of the eye.
Illamasqua Brow gel to give a defined but soft look.
Finishing with Bronzer, setting powder from Mac and a Nude lip liner and gloss from Younique

I then strengthened the look of the eyes by adding the black from the full exposure pallet and a thicker denser line of Illimasqua's Gel Liner in infinity. I also added more cluster lashes to add to the definition of the eyes. Slightly stronger bronzer and blusher and a refresh of the nude lips.


Friday 8 May 2015

Click 'n' Curl a blow drying revelation

Click 'n' Curl

So I expect quite a few of you will have heard of this by now due to its links with a certain reality Tv programme based near London. Its a new system to get the perfect big and bouncy blow dry and It does exactly what it says it will.

You can buy the brushes in several different sizes and a starter pack comes with 6 brush heads all in the same size and one handle that clicks on and off in one easy step.
The idea is you blow dry a section of hair and then wind it up tight like a roller and unclip the handle and move on to another brush head and the next section of hair. Giving the used brush heads time to cool down and the hair to fully set into a big bouncy curl as desired.

The brushes come in
 Small (Red)
Medium (Purple)
Large (Blue)

They are simple to use on yourself or clients and give a brilliantly professional finish.

I have quite fine hair so to hold the larger brushes in for a looser curl I used some clips I had with my Hot roller set. I mush prefer this effect to my rollers as you can achieve a looser and more natural wave/curl and much more body if you want it.

Looser Look

Slightly Curlier look

You can of course go bigger and curlier than this again but my personal preference for my own hair is this softer look.
They don't come in cheap sadly at £44.99 a starter set but it is defiantly a worth while investment in my opinion.



Wednesday 6 May 2015

A Crazy dose of Colouring (Tutorial)

Now I LOVE bright colours, being able to have a proper play around and having free reign on some ones hair. So when my client Tracy came to me and said she wanted bright crazy colours and I could do what I liked you can imagine how excited I was. 

I have been doing Tracy's hair for quite a few years now, about five I think we worked out and she has always loved out there colours. She pre bleached her own hair before coming to me and got it to the colour below

In the following tutorial I used
 Crazy colours in 
Peakcock Blue
Hot Purple
& Capri Blue 
Kitoko Oil Treatment and a Babyliss Pro Wand




To stop the colours from looking too blended but still give a nice mixing combination I placed the colours in chunky block work through the hair. Making sure the colours were evenly spread but not in any particular order and not perfectly sectioned as I didn't want it to feel regimented.

I took the top sections across the parting so that there was not a harsh difference on the top from one side to the next. A quick trim to tidy up the fluffy ends and give a solid base line and a few layers put in so that the hair would better show off the colour. A nice healthy dose of kitoko oil in the damp hair and then a quick dry and curl to show off the work done and this is how my clients hair looked after finishing.



Monday 27 April 2015

New Webite for Cre8tive hair and beauty

Soooooo I'm a little excited today as the hours I spent pouring over the laptop are finally paying off in the form of my new website.
I needed to show case my wedding work especially my wedding make up. It has a lot of growing to do over the next few months but its a great start.