Friday, 8 May 2015

Click 'n' Curl a blow drying revelation

Click 'n' Curl

So I expect quite a few of you will have heard of this by now due to its links with a certain reality Tv programme based near London. Its a new system to get the perfect big and bouncy blow dry and It does exactly what it says it will.

You can buy the brushes in several different sizes and a starter pack comes with 6 brush heads all in the same size and one handle that clicks on and off in one easy step.
The idea is you blow dry a section of hair and then wind it up tight like a roller and unclip the handle and move on to another brush head and the next section of hair. Giving the used brush heads time to cool down and the hair to fully set into a big bouncy curl as desired.

The brushes come in
 Small (Red)
Medium (Purple)
Large (Blue)

They are simple to use on yourself or clients and give a brilliantly professional finish.

I have quite fine hair so to hold the larger brushes in for a looser curl I used some clips I had with my Hot roller set. I mush prefer this effect to my rollers as you can achieve a looser and more natural wave/curl and much more body if you want it.

Looser Look

Slightly Curlier look

You can of course go bigger and curlier than this again but my personal preference for my own hair is this softer look.
They don't come in cheap sadly at £44.99 a starter set but it is defiantly a worth while investment in my opinion.

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