Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bringing back the 70's/80's for 2011?

So apparently the new style for 2011 is going to be a revisit to the 70/80's eras with big fuzzy hair, so get your crimpers out girls because it is time to get fierce.
This is NOT an easy style to carry off but if you can it will look fabulous :D
If this is a look you cannot carry off then maybe try the big bouncy/flicky blow dry, it gives you some sleekness but keeps the mega body

You need to achieve root lift and if you find blow drying to difficult them why not buy your self some crimpers, then section hair and just crimp once at the roots, DO NOT crimp the top section of hair as you do not want the crimp to show just to add some desired volume.

If neither of these are your thing then why not try Plaits, in this year again as they are so easy to maintain, perfect for when your on the beach or attending festivals and they always look cute and can work with a range of hair cuts and textures.

The most important thing though is to have fun with your hair and to go with what best suits you x

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