Friday, 4 February 2011

Harriet Coleman (Plus Size Model)

I first heard about Harriet after receiving a text message from Claire Marie Make up artist. She told me that Harriet was looking to do a photo shoot to update her portfolio ready to be sent off to a top plus size modelling agency in Paris and asked if i would be interested in styling Harriet's hair for the shoot.

The day of the shoot arrived and I was up early to meet everyone at Starbucks at chiverton road about ready to jump in one car and travel up to liskard. The morning was very cold and icy and we were hoping it would thaw but it didn't although everything being white added some great photos to portfolio.

Harriet has experience modelling and has worked for QVC, Matalan, ITV's This Morning and L'Oreal.
She blew me away with how professional she was and on such a cold day, the more the cold seeped through my boots and made my toes cry out in cold pain while i shivered with a jumper and big jacket and gloves on the more I admired her determination and how much this career meant to her.

Harriet is hoping to help raise the profile of plus size models everywhere and to promote a healthy image to all the world. No more size zeros lets see a healthy body image and promote women's amazing curves.
The shoot had to be called to an end when the cold became too much and Harriet started feeling cold (never a good sign) She was such a good sport and I would highly recommend her.

Harriet Coleman Model -

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Claire Marie Make up Artist-!/pages/Claire-Marie-Make-Up-Artist/137362566304529

Myself styling hair - Jodie -

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