Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hair Lacking shine

 How about a beer shampoo or even cracking a few eggs or olive oil conditioner? These really do work although i do have to say they definatly do not smell fantastic and are also a tad messy :S but if your on a budget and its sat in the kitchen why not :D
Failing that you can try shampooing your hair twice and then piling on the conditioner and wraping a warm towel around your head and relax maybe in a nice warm bath.
The heat helps the cuticles open up and the conditioner to soak in and work its magic.
If your hair is really bad why not try an oil treatment for afterwords (one that smells better than olive oil)

Such as kitoko oil treatment or a bit of morrocan oil. They work wonders to condition and give shine to dull lifeless hair.

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