Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Babyliss Curling wand DIY Curls and (Product Review)

                                                              Babyliss Curling wand

Do you love the thought of having nice natural looking curls? Then you should try the babyliss curling wand. Its is one of my staple tools for all my hair up work and can offer a variety of finishes. Personally I prefer the larger barrel wand and feel there is no gain from having a slim line one.

To get the perfect curl make sure your hair is fully dry before you start. Then taking two sectioning clips clip up all you hair leaving an inch and a half to 2 inch section at the back of your hair. Spritz with a good quality flexible hair spray. Then taking a section of about an inch- 2 inches wide start to wind the section around the largest end of the barrel working towards the narrowest end. Hold for 7-12 seconds. Then gently unwind (do not pull, it will pull the curl out) repeat this process with the next few sections. Once done spray the whole section again with a flexible spray.

Section off another bit of hair and repeat the same process. Keep doing this until you whole head is curled. An example of the finished look.
Depending on the amount of curl you would like you can run your fingers through the hair to break the curl up slightly. You can have a wide range of different looks from the one above, to the ones below all from using the same wand and method.
Loosened with fingers and a clip added

further loosened for a more relaxed look.
To finish spray with a firmer hold hair spray and then spritz with a good quality shine spray.

My products of choice are bed head hair sprays and Hair Cre8tive shine spray.

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