Thursday, 2 February 2012

34 week Bump and the products im using on it

                                    My 34 Weeks Bump and the products I'm using on it

Well as you can see now my bump is getting to be quite some size, I'm sure every pregnant women out there has concerns over their ever expanding stomachs and boobs and the effect it will have on their skin.

now we all know about Palmer's tummy butter and Bio oil but what if you fancy trying something different, maybe going down the more natural organic root after all this is a beautiful time for any mother so why not use the very best/sourced products you can get and at the same time supporting a lovely Cornish company where the products are made.

Pure Organics is a Cornish company who hand make their products. They are not tested on animals and their ingredients are locally sourced where possible. They contain no harsh ingredients so are suitable for most skin types even the most sensitive.

Rose Hip Belly Butter
30 ml £3.25 60ml £6.50

This wonderful oil contains rosehip which is great for regeneration and can help prevent stretch marks.

With a lovely light scent this belly butter is creamy and a little defiantly goes a long way. It has an oily consistency that the skin soaks up quickly but it also leaves a slight feel of it on the skin (I personally prefer this as you know that through out the day your are protected rather than your body just evaporating it in with no signs of application) My skin feels softer to the touch like a new born baby's bottom and I'm left smelling lovely and girly for the rest of the day.

I have also been applying it to my breasts which are increasing in size almost as quickly as my stomach.

I personally think you are either prone to getting stretch marks or you are not but that doesn't mean you cant try and help the situation as obviously the more subtle the skin the more it is going to give and this product defiantly provides that subtleness and at such a fantastic price too.

I have also been using their face cream on my awful dry skin or should I say what was my dry skin

Face Cream30ml £3.00 60ml £6.00

a light fresh day cream enriched by the rejuvenating properties of avocado oil which is rich in vitamins A -B1-B2-D with essential oil of sweet orange.

The smell of this is amazing and again it has a lovely creamy consistency and a little goes a long way. I was suffering from a very dry T section before due to my pregnancy hormones but since using this lovely pot of goodness I no longer have a problem and I finally have that pregnancy glow that I hear people talking about. Of course it is brilliant for those who are not pregnant also and it doesn't leave your face feeling greasy like some creams do.

pure Organics have a massive range of products to cover you from head to toe and all at brilliant prices so gone are the days of paying through the nose for good quality organic products.

Their website is also a delight to navigate and they have some great gift sets for the loved ones in your life perfect for valentines day as they also have a men's section.

Visit their website today

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