Friday, 8 June 2012

Weight Loss product Review Lipo Wraps

So I know that this is a subject at the fore front of most women's minds so though I would make this next post on some products that I have found that can help shift some stubborn weight.

I know personally after having a child that your body changes so much and some times no matter how hard you try those last few Lbs/ Inches can be very stubborn to shift.

I have found some amazing products that not only help you to achieve this but also help tone skin and reduce the appearance of those pesky stretch marks.

So here is the science behind the Wraps

The Lipo wraps work within our bodies we all have interstitial spaces (also called extravascular compartment or tissue space) where toxins and fats gather, an interstitial space is an empty space or gap between cells. Groups of interstitial spaces are commonly referred to as fat cells. Over a period of time these fill with toxins and fats. We add to these depending on our lifestyle. People who smoke or drink alcohol, eat fatty foods will, on the whole, have more toxins and notice that certain areas are harder to lose, e.g. thighs or buttocks, and however much they diet, their body refuses to alter its shape or size. The Lipo fluid penetrates the outer membrane & stimulates circulation around these areas breaking down the toxins and fats which then drain through the lymphatic system, leaving the interstitial space empty or at least smaller, the sculpting wraps compress the layers back together so they do not refill, this is where the inch loss comes from.Initially your body will create new spaces or refill existing ones quite quickly because it is used to doing so. Depending on your lifestyle, it will take a longer & longer before these spaces reappear between wraps. Once you have reached your target dress size, it is a good idea to use the wrap from time to time to maintain your new shape and avoid those extra inches returning.The reason that we do not claim weight loss is because there is very little actual weight removed, the main success that is achieved is reducing mass.Some people will have more success than others because it depends on how deep the ‘space’ is located as to how effective the fluid will be at penetrating to the required level. It also depends if there is some muscle mass to compress against.Like all things.

Some Before and after Pictures

Some amazing products and results. To view more before and after pictures, to read reviews, find out some more information on these products and to buy visit!/groups/238695059576348/
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Coming up soon for review Cre8tive Beauty's weight loss drink Hyrda Slim x

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