Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wedding Hair Accessories

Whether you chose a classic tiara, a side hair band, a glitzy clip or some simple pearls, most women have some kind of hair accessory on their wedding day.

And for a good reason too. Most women find that when wearing a wedding dress they need to add that extra something special to their hair to tie the look together

A lot of women chose the height of a bouffant and to compliment this a classic Tiara is the perfect staple hair accessory.

A hugely popular style is also curls pulled over to one side, a classic tiara like the one above does not compliment this style, it throws the whole look off center so for this a nice head band or a side detail Tiara/band is perfect.

Side Tiara


Or maybe you like a down style with very little to no height, with maybe a few strands pulled back from your face and pinned.
For this look you can get away with most styles other than very tall tiaras, as there really require a base of hair behind them, other wise they look slightly dumped upon the head.
So go with anything that you love, side, headband or tiara.

Lastly a great way of adding a bit of glammer but in a much more understated way, why not try twist gems or pearl pins, like the ones below. These can be used stand alone or as an added touch to any of the above.

All of the above items can be purchased from Cre8tive beauty products via their facebook page while the website is down for maintenance, just send them a message letting them know which item you would like.

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