Wednesday, 9 February 2011

You Never know who you will meet

While doing a routine cut and blow dry today with a local lady from my village, we started talking about weddings and how it is an area I am strongly focusing on at the moment.
She then told me that herself and her daughter have set up a business recently making flowers, Wedding Flowers , Wrist Corsages , Buttonholes , Bouquets etc : and that they are all artificial but mostly made out of foam, She showed me some examples of their work and all i can say is WOW they were completely stunning, brilliant price and they will never die.
A photo sample of a wedding bouquet by Wendy and Roberta Tangye

A valentines bouquet looks even more impressive in person
                                               Lily Button hole

Cornish Occasions are available for Wrist Corsages, button holes, Cake toppers, proms, weddings, dances, etc. Available in various colours and designs. All hand made in Cornwall and includes their own Cornish Tartan range.
To see more of their collection or to order please call Wendy or Roberta on Home : 01209314042
Mobile: 07925391439

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cornish Brides Magazine (Photoshoot)

So this month was the release of the new A4 sized Cornish Brides Magazine.
A few months ago myself, (JDHairstylist) Laura Bell (Make Up), Amanda K bridal wear, Life Photographic (Photographers) , Samantha Orpe (Miss Cornwall 2010) and Cornish Brides Magazine all gathered at the Green Lawns Hotel Falmouth for a photo shoot.

The sun was shining but the wind was blowing, we headed inside to get Samantha ready. We were allocated a downstairs bedroom in which to do the hair and make up and for Samantha to get changed into her different dresses.

We had 3 different Dresses and two different head pieces so i started by curling Sam's hair and leaving it down and very casual. I felt by doing this i could achieve two very different looks as my second look was to put all of sames hair up in a big bunch of curls slightly of set to one side.

Samantha was a beautiful and very professional model and make it all look completely effortless
Sam even ventured out into the very windy weather for a few out door photos with the Cornish brides umbrella. The day seemed to fly passed and before I knew it we were packing up and going home.
Although today I met up with Sam again to style her hair for the Cornish brides lostwithiel wedding fayre, where Sam wore several dresses and walked around the fayre showing off her hair make up.
Please visit my website for more photos of Samantha

Friday, 4 February 2011

Harriet Coleman (Plus Size Model)

I first heard about Harriet after receiving a text message from Claire Marie Make up artist. She told me that Harriet was looking to do a photo shoot to update her portfolio ready to be sent off to a top plus size modelling agency in Paris and asked if i would be interested in styling Harriet's hair for the shoot.

The day of the shoot arrived and I was up early to meet everyone at Starbucks at chiverton road about ready to jump in one car and travel up to liskard. The morning was very cold and icy and we were hoping it would thaw but it didn't although everything being white added some great photos to portfolio.

Harriet has experience modelling and has worked for QVC, Matalan, ITV's This Morning and L'Oreal.
She blew me away with how professional she was and on such a cold day, the more the cold seeped through my boots and made my toes cry out in cold pain while i shivered with a jumper and big jacket and gloves on the more I admired her determination and how much this career meant to her.

Harriet is hoping to help raise the profile of plus size models everywhere and to promote a healthy image to all the world. No more size zeros lets see a healthy body image and promote women's amazing curves.
The shoot had to be called to an end when the cold became too much and Harriet started feeling cold (never a good sign) She was such a good sport and I would highly recommend her.

Harriet Coleman Model -

Jo Bradford Photography -

Claire Marie Make up Artist-!/pages/Claire-Marie-Make-Up-Artist/137362566304529

Myself styling hair - Jodie -

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wedding Trial done today

So I have done a wedding trial today for Anna Fisk and she looked lovely No photos yet though as her hair is a surprise for her big day.

When doing a hair trial 99% of the time I will curl the hair first even if the hairstyle is not really that curly if at all, I purely do it to add body and texture to the hair which makes it easier to style and stops it from going flat.

Wedding trials are a very important part of the process as it gives brides a chance to see what their hair is capable off and weather or not they will require hair extensions. Also something a bride thought would look amazing may not suit them so it gives them a chance to try a few different styles.

It is very rare i will do a wedding with out a trial first so it pays to book early.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How best to wash your hair

ALWAYS shampoo your hair twice

This isnt the shampoo companys trying to sell more product as by doing this you wont have to wash your hair as often.
The first shampoo cleans the hair and removes build up
The Second cleans the scalp

If you dont do this you will just be brushing the dirt from your scalp back through your hair.
Also pop conditioner at your tips and not your roots to prevent hair beocome greasy quickly.

Use a wind tooth comb after washing or if possible avoid combing until the hair has atleast partly dried as this will help prevent further damaged by avoiding stretching and tearing the hair when it is in a weak state.

Also do use a product to protect your hair when blow dry and styling, it is not a gimic it really does help.