Monday, 14 May 2012

Hair Spray review

Several people have asked me recently about what hairsprays are best.  My answer is that there is no one hairspray man enough for all jobs.
Here is a list of the sprays I use and which I use for what

TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hair Spray 400ml
I must admit I do love the Tigi range of hair sprays, this little beauty I use whilst styling due to the fact it is a flexible spray, If you are curling spray hair first with this then wrap around the tong/roller and then spray again once you have completed a row of curls.
The packaging on this is fun but i must say it has not got the Nice's scent and you can smell the alcohol, but all this is remedied with my next bottle of love

Tigi Bed head Masterpiece, Massive shine hairspray.
Now this smells AMAZING so I tend to use it as a finisher, Once the style is complete give it a really good bout of this to help it hold in place and give that amazing shine.

Now for those styles that really need a very firm and stiff hold I go for Fudge Membrane Gas
This really hold the hair in place and no amount of wind/rain is going to ruin it BUT it smells horrid or at least I think so although i have had a few clients who really like it :S
Secondly you get a stiff/hard set so if you don't like that feel on your hair then this is not the spray for you.

Lastly for those of you who prefer a gel spray i would always recommend the trusty 4+4 Indola gel spray
Brilliant hard setting gel that will keep all style's in place through rain and wind plus it brushes out brilliantly so you can remove the majority of it before washing.
I use these products for the wedding hair that I do, so they have to be of a great quality as well as looking professional. I hope this helps your hair spray woes, If you have a favourite spray leave a comment below to let the readers know what works for you.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Easy Hair styling tips

So I had my baby 5 weeks ago. As it turned out I had a little girl, so I'm now rather excited about the clothes and willing her hair to grow already and imagining the things that I can do with it when she is older and all the cute accessories i can put in it.
Here she is
Born on 24th March at 9Lbs at home in a birth pool. We named her Emily kathleen and she has completed our family.

So with very little time on my hands I though I would share my hair tips when you don't have much time to spare.

Colour : Now normally I like to colour my hair with a red or purple to add a slightly different depth to it but this needs more up keep than a standard flat colour so to combat this I dyed my hair dark brown and then to add a bit of something to it I had feather hair extensions put in.

They can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months depending on your care for them.
Here is me with 2 red ones in my hair. My hair has just been blasted with the hair dryer and a bit of texturizer rubbed in to give some definition. Defiantly the fastest and easiest style to do while short on time as it only takes 10 mins.

Now if you have a little longer say 10-20 mins( the more practise you have the faster you will get) why not try Hot rollers to give yourself a very loose curl. this was done using the medium rollers wound half way up and held using claw clips to hold. left for how ever long you have and then gently raked through or this same look can also be achieved using a babylis wand although this would take a little longer say 20 - 30 mins if you are methodical about it.
Lastly a good play it safe is always to go lightly over the hair with straighteners tucking the ends under or even out for slight flicks, or when really short on time a high pony tail using a bit of hair wrapped around the base is a perfect summer look and keeps the hair off your face and shoulders so that you can catch that perfect tan.

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