Sunday, 2 November 2014

Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes Review Younique comes to the UK

Hello My lovely readers.
Its been a while but I'm coming back with a bang :D

So I have been using Younique's 3d fiber lashes and to say I have fallen in love is an understatement.

I had seen a lot of photos via my instagram of this so called wonder product and I was dubious but the photos were so amazing I just had to try it once it landed in the Uk.

The product itself come in a beautiful leather case which I was very excited to see. The quality is excellent, you can tell this is no cheap knock out product.

Prices at just £23 its a steal. Its saved me loads on false eyelashes already and its so much quicker to apply than strip or individual lashes.

I had some amazing results considering I have terribly short and thin lashes
In the top photo I am wearing Rimmels new Kate moss Mascara 
In the bottom photo I'm wearing 3d fiber lashes

And some examples on people with better lashes than me to begin with

I'm totally hooked and I'm sure you will be too if you give this a try. On a side note I do not recommend rimmels Kate moss mascara, It did little to extend my lashes and flaked off with in a few hours.

To buy your own 3d fiber lashes click the clink below