Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hair Lacking shine

 How about a beer shampoo or even cracking a few eggs or olive oil conditioner? These really do work although i do have to say they definatly do not smell fantastic and are also a tad messy :S but if your on a budget and its sat in the kitchen why not :D
Failing that you can try shampooing your hair twice and then piling on the conditioner and wraping a warm towel around your head and relax maybe in a nice warm bath.
The heat helps the cuticles open up and the conditioner to soak in and work its magic.
If your hair is really bad why not try an oil treatment for afterwords (one that smells better than olive oil)

Such as kitoko oil treatment or a bit of morrocan oil. They work wonders to condition and give shine to dull lifeless hair.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Angel Face Competition pt 2

So the Angel Face competition is still running and if you would like to enter to become one of the new faces to this amazing brand all you need to do is

Send an email to Cornwallsdreamteam@yahoo.co.uk
With your AGE and LOCATION
then 3 photos which has to include 1 Head shot and 1 Full body shot

Prizes will include
A photo shoot
A good Bag
A chance to be used for our advertisement on websites, facebook pages, business cards and  so on
A spot at our up coming Fashion show
An Angel Face consultation and to have your foundation colour matched

You can see picture of other contestants on

You can view the Angel Face products on their website www.Angelfaceonline.com

Miss London

So on Saturday I was up bright and early 5.30amto be exact. Off i went to a wedding in Falmouth that morning where I did hair for 6 people and then home for 12pm to have lunch. One hour later I was heading off to Newquay airport to fly up to London to do hair for the Miss London Competition.

I felt very proud of myself for flying, then getting a train and finally a taxi to my venue all by myself ;) It was madness in London due to the football match between Man U and Barcelona but there was a great atmosphere and I was buzzing and ready to go.
All the girls got ready in a club called Pigaelles before heading to The Cafe De Paris for the finals. They had several different sections one being dress wear, cultural wear, where several girls made their own outfits, and a short round.
Once all the hard work was done it was on to the after party and time to relax with a few bottles of wine (not to myself)
The girls looked amazing and it was a fantastic evening.