Monday, 13 May 2013

Blinc Mascara Review

Well I first heard about this mascara from a lovely Cornish Make up artist called Penny Pascoe and after hearing about how great it was from her I just had to give it a try.

I am a devout user of Bourjois Liner effect mascara and over the years I have tried many different ones and with no success. Iv not found anything even close to it.
Now Blinc mascara is more expensive and at £18.50 it not the most comfortable on the guilt scale but trust me it is worth it. The best thing though is that you do not need to take that plunge as they do the perfect trial sized mascara so that you can try before you buy at a price that wont give your accountant a heart attack.
£2.56 Trial sized with Free Postage
Now the idea is that instead of coating the lashes with gloppy product this mascara goes on lightly to form a tube of product around your individual lashes.
This means it is FULLY waterproof, you can cry, rub and even try removing it with make up remover with no success.
The secret is a bit of warm water. Using the warm water dip you fingers into the water and then press against your closed eye lids. Then re dip and this time squeeze the lashes between your finger, roll them a little and then lightly pull down. It will look like you are pulling your own lashes out but rest assured you are not. It is just the tubes of product coming away and leaving your lashes perfectly intact underneath.
Before picture
 After one coat
 After Two coats
How it looks when being removed (Do not Panic)
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