Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hollywood Wave Tutorial

This is a really Simple tutorial on how to create red carpet hollywood waves.
Firstly I used a babyliss conical wand and chose the slightly larger barrel as this works better with this look. If your barrel is too small the curls wont have the same loose flow curl that your after.
Taking inch/inch and a half sections starting from the bottom curl the hair from the root to the tip and all in the same direction. If you don't do this in the same direction then it will not work.

Lightly spray the hair as you go but dont do too much as you want the hair to be soft and moveable. 

Once all the hair is curled brush it all out with a fairly loose brush. I used a Detangling brush 

Once all the hair is brushed out give it a bit of a push in the right direction to snake it down but the curl will do the job for you. Spray the hair to help set into place.

For a stronger bend you can use clips and respray leave to set and then remove.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Olaplex in the UK Review

WOOHOO Its finally here ;)

So I have been waiting at least 6 months from when I first heard about Olaplex being in the United States for it to finally make its d├ębut here in the UK so I could purchase it to use on my Clients.

Its a new product which unlike conditioners and condition treatments (which tend to sit on the hair shaft) penetrates into the hair to repair bonds which are broken due to colouring/heat treating abd general wear and tear.

Our hair is made up of bonds which are joined. Through our treatment of our hair our bonds break down to singles. Too many single bonds and the hair will start to break. Olaplex gets into the hair and helps re join some of these bonds to build more strength back into the hair.

Its available as a stand alone treatment but can also be added to all colours and bleaching services to help minimise the damage they do whilst on your hair.

So as soon as I got my invitation to purchase due to the fact I pre registered my interest a very long time ago (I was not missing out on this) of course I picked the phone up and ordered.

Its certainly not the cheapest product but if it does what it claims then I'm not going to argue with that. I used it myself first as of course there is no better test than on your own hair that you know better than anyone's.

Here is a photo of my hair before. I recently had a cut but still have some split ends and have breakage underneath from colouring  and tying my hair back while I work. Obviously it wont magicly get rid of these as the damage has already been done and once it is broken its not coming back. But I can certainly test that it doesn't break any more

So here is my before and after photo of a treatment done on myself.

There is no doubting that the hair looks and feels healthier and stronger.
I put the no.1 on for 5 mins and then the no. 2 for 15 mins and finished off by shampooing with Matrix Biolage strengthening shampoo and then the Joico sun therapy mask.
A quick blow dry using my click 'n' curl brushes and I was done.

My hair has not felt this soft in ages. It feels light weight and full and I am completely converted. I'm in love with Olaplex :D