Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Crazy dose of Colouring (Tutorial)

Now I LOVE bright colours, being able to have a proper play around and having free reign on some ones hair. So when my client Tracy came to me and said she wanted bright crazy colours and I could do what I liked you can imagine how excited I was. 

I have been doing Tracy's hair for quite a few years now, about five I think we worked out and she has always loved out there colours. She pre bleached her own hair before coming to me and got it to the colour below

In the following tutorial I used
 Crazy colours in 
Peakcock Blue
Hot Purple
& Capri Blue 
Kitoko Oil Treatment and a Babyliss Pro Wand

To stop the colours from looking too blended but still give a nice mixing combination I placed the colours in chunky block work through the hair. Making sure the colours were evenly spread but not in any particular order and not perfectly sectioned as I didn't want it to feel regimented.

I took the top sections across the parting so that there was not a harsh difference on the top from one side to the next. A quick trim to tidy up the fluffy ends and give a solid base line and a few layers put in so that the hair would better show off the colour. A nice healthy dose of kitoko oil in the damp hair and then a quick dry and curl to show off the work done and this is how my clients hair looked after finishing.

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  1. Your clients hair looks FABULOUS !! I’ve always wanted to try out some of these new colours but I’m just too chicken. Lol But if I had you for a Hair Stylist I’d be in your chair right Now.